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Wild Toes

Natural, healthy human feet have toes that spread apart allowing perfect balance in our feet.

I am lucky as I live on the Sunshine Coast and our lifestyle allows for bare feet nearly all seasons. I am a Barefoot Babe. I love my feet receiving all the sensations from the Earth; the ocean, sand, grass and all other textures. I'm barefoot as often as I can be.

The benefits of toe spreaders and separators include their ability to improve the anatomy of the foot therefore improving balance, gait and posture. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. Correct alignment with our feet and our bodies alignment should naturally follow.

Footwear is a necessity in our lives but we also know that they restrict our feet and change their neuromusculoskeletal structure.

Feet Dysfunction

Bunions develop with the change of our toes, especially our hallux (big toe). With the deviation of the big toe laterally (toward the second toe), the metatarsal (where the bone protrudes) deviates medially (outward) changing the actual alignment of the bones in the foot. This will ultimately reduce arch function by changing muscular structure affecting the support on the medial (inside) side of the foot. Tendons, ligaments and nerves are all affected, including the plantar fascia on the base of our feet and lower leg. This in line affects our stance, gait and movement throughout the whole body.

Toe Separators

Wild Toes, toe separators manufactured by The Foot Collective, promote foot and toe strength and general balance. They help us reclaim the space between our toes, stabilizing the arch. By straighten bent toes they have the ability to improve circulation and realign joints.

I noticed about a year ago that my right toes were not as splayed as they usually are. And I live a barefoot life whenever I can. I could feel the shift in my stance and pulling in my lower leg and pain in my first metatarsal (connects to the big toe). Naturally I massaged, used dry needling treatments and exercised my foot. All treatments improved my foot function but to extend this further I started using toe separators and they assisted my treatments immensely.

The difference it has made using them during my exercise program and my yoga routine has contributed wonderfully to my leg, hip and body alignment.

Wild Toes

TFC Wild Toes are a simple, affordable accessory that you can use to reclaim optimal toe alignment. Wild Toes are 100% silicone therefore they won't cause any irritation.

I wear my Wild Toes to the beach, wearing them both in the sand and the water while walking. There are certain shoes I can wear them with and inside my slippers while at home when it's cooler.

Getting Started

  • Start slow when you begin to wear your separators. Build up tolerance as your feet are being asked to re-align and change their function.

  • Begin with 15 minutes at home while walking about barefoot. Slowly increase the time you wear them while moving.

  • Take your separators out if they feel uncomfortable or cause pain. Baby steps.

  • Check their position between your toes as they will resist against old musculoskeletal patterns.

  • You don't have to put all separators in place every time if that causes discomfort. Slowly change your feet habits.

  • Wear your Wild Toes while resting as well. Always be aware that as you work at changing the alignment of your toes, all muscles, nerves, ligaments in your feet will be trying to adjust.

Care of your Wild Toes

Your Wild Toes will naturally get a bit grungy. Clean them with warm soapy water, giving them a bit of a scrub. Make sure to rinse thoroughly as any soapy residue left over can irritate your feet or weaken the silicone.

On behalf of The Foot Collective Aus, all the best on your journey to re-wild your feet back to their natural state. Be consistent, be patient and you will see massive improvements in the alignment and function of your foundation

'......The Barefoot Life is about far more than just going barefoot often. It is about a re-connection to our movement and a re-connection to our environment.' (The Foot Collective Aus)


The Foot Collective Aus.

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