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Deep Tissue Bodywork

Deep Tissue refers to specific techniques that aim to release tension in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.  This is not applied as a full body massage, but only on or near areas of adhesion, compromised range of motion, or chronic tension. There may be discomfort, but there should not be pain. Communication is important for the work to be effective.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Bodywork

  Incorporated into Remedial Massage

  The physical benefits include:

  • release muscular tension

  • improved musclular dysfunction due to trauma

  • restore range of motion

  • improve 'frozen' shoulder function

  • sciatica release

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and 'tennis' elbow dysfunction

  • lower back pain

  • improved hip movement

  • rebalance poor posture


 30 min massage            $60

 45min massage             $75

 60 min massage            $90

 90 min massage            $125

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