Hours and Rates

Rates for all massage modalities:

 30 min massage                  $50

 45min massage                   $65

 60 min massage                  $80

 90 min massage                  $115

Initial appointment includes 15 mins free consultation


Penalty rates apply on Sunday

Massage can assist healing due to;


  • A lack of blood supply to soft tissues which causes hypersensitivity to touch


  • Releasing trigger points which repeately activate causing pain and restictions in muscles


  • Releasing nerve compression or entrapment caused by pressure on a nerve by soft tissue, cartilage or bone


  • Postural imbalance of the muscular system


  • Biomechanical Dysfunction and imbalance of the musculoskeletal system resulting from poor lifting habits, poor computer ergonomics, over use through repetitive actions, etc.

After Hours Clinic available.

 Monday                   9am - 6pm

 Tuesday                   9am - 6pm

 Wednesday            9am - 6pm

 Thursday                 9am - 6pm

 Friday                      9am - 6pm

 Saturday                 9am - 12pm 

 Massage Maitenance Program;


  • Massage Therapy shouldn't be considered a luxury. In todays fast paced lifestyle it is a necessity.


  • Massage Therapy serves as a preventative and restorative treatment, and is an essential aid for your well-being physically and mentally

  • A Massage Program assists with chronic and acute conditions such as Frozen shoulder, etc. releasing deep into the muscles to assist you to reach maximum muscular relief without the need to start at crisis point each time.

  • Massage Maintenance Programs will help maintain good health and assist with postural imbalance and poor daily erganomics from sitting, driving, electronic use, etc.

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