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Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger Point Massage is specifically designed to release muscle tension and increase circulation through pressure and release. This wonderful technique includes stretching of the muscle fibres and is used throughout Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage. A trigger point is a contracted knot within the muscle fibre or fascia stopping blood flow, oxygen and nutrients. It causes pain and tension both due to repetitive movement or posture patterns.

Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy

  Is used as part of Remedial Massage

  The physical benefits include:

  • release muscular tension

  • improved musclular dysfunction due to trauma

  • restore range of movement

  • improve 'frozen' shoulder function

  • sciatica release

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and 'tennis' elbow dysfunction

  • lower back pain

  • improved hip movement

  • rebalance poor posture


 30 min massage            $60

 45min massage             $75

 60 min massage            $90

 90 min massage            $125


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