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Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage is the foundation of every massage, and a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines essential oils with an array of long-flowing strokes to help grounding and balancing the body. The benefits of this type of bodywork alleviates tension and tiredness, improves blood circulation and increases mobility. It stimulates and soothes the nervous system and relieves aches and pains, flushing toxins and worries away.

Benefits of Relaxation Massage

  The emotional and physical benefits include:

  • reduced muscular tension

  • improved blood flow and circulation

  • stimulation of the lymphatic system

  • calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety

  • mental & physical tiredness

  • improved quality of sleep

  • helps relieve stress-related issues


 30 min massage            $60

 45min massage             $75

 60 min massage            $90

 90 min massage            $125



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