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Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Your Lymphatic System is an important part of the immune system of the body. It carries white blood cells to fight infection and disease and helps eliminate the body’s waste. A healthy lymphatic system uses the natural movements of smooth muscle to do this. The Lymphatic system doesn't have it's own pumping system aside from movement. There are many times our lymph can do with some assistance. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle treatment used to enhance circulation and remove toxins from the body to aid recovery from viruses. It is also good for general health and aiding in detoxifying programs.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Dranage

  The powerful benefits include:

  • enhances lymph circulation

  • aids recovery from viruses

  • assists with detoxification programs

  • improve symptoms of lymphedema, sinusitis or fibromyalgia

  • reduce fluid retention

  • relieve swelling due to lymph node removal

  • removes of toxins from body tissues

  • supports the immune system

  • helps recover from surgery


 30 min massage            $60

 45min massage             $75

 60 min massage            $90

 90 min massage            $125


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