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Legs Up The Wall or Viparita Karani

This powerful restorative pose has so many benefits. It’s where you’ll find me in-between clients on busy days and in truth, not so busy days. 10 to 20 mins to calm my mind, rest my heart and relax my

back and hips, plus so much more.

Lie with your butt close to the wall and your legs resting up the wall. You can back move your butt away from the wall if your hamstrings are tight. A neutral pelvis is best. Rest something under your head if need be. Not under your neck. It is more beneficial to stretch out the neck than contract the muscles in a convex position.

Now just breathe. 10 slow breaths, filling your diaphragm on inhale and exhaling allowing your lungs to empty and your back to relax into the floor.

Clear your mind. Follow your breathes. Smile, so happy thoughts come and then send them on.

You can flex your feet, po​​​int your toes, rotate your ankles out, rotate your ankles in, widen your legs...but always stay relaxed. Hold these positions. Breathe. Let your body absorb these positions.

If you find that in your daily stance your shoulders are always rotated forward, a rolled towel between the shoulders while you are on the floor will open up your chest and pectorals muscles. It will counteract our continual shortening of our pectoral muscles due to computers, driving, phones, etc. (always make sure your head is comfortably supported).

How about bringing our arms out to the side and stretching our biceps and opening up our neural pathways to relieve our hands. Rest your arms on a pillow or towel for support if they don't fall all the way to the floor. How about Snow Angels (in this case Floor Angels) to relax all those side and back muscles.

Let's add a good stretch down the spine by gently raising your arms over your head. Don't arch your back too much. Try to keep your lower back neutral on the floor. Rest your arms on a pillow for support if they don't fall all the way to the floor. Remember you are staying relaxed. Don't strain into any position.

Add this to your day, you’ll be surprised. 10 minutes or 20. All positions or just a quickie. Give your mind and body a break. You deserve it.

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