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Managing Your Massage Treatment

This is your massage, so the key to a relaxing and enjoyable treatment for you is it know that your needs and expectations are meet.

One of the most important requirements of a massage treatment, whether it is Remedial or relaxation, is communication.Always, always say if you are uncomfortable with the pressure, draping, room temperature, etc.

It is difficult to know what to ask for, and to be honest, your medium pressure may not be your therapist idea of medium pressure. Ask for the pressure you desire with the option of letting your therapist know if it is more or less than you desire.

No Pain, No Gain is not good for you. You need to be able to relax your nervous system throughout a treatment, which allows your muscles to relax and open for a therapist to work deeper...not push in.

If you feel that an area that is of dysfunction or painful is not being addressed ask your therapist to pay a bit more attention to that area.

Ask your therapist about complimenting modalities enhance your treatment.

Massage Therapy shouldn't be considered a luxury. In today's fast paced lifestyle it really is a necessity. Massage serves as a preventative and restorative treatment, and is an essential aid for your well-being physically and mentally

A Massage Program is a good option and assists with chronic and acute conditions such as Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, etc. releasing deep into the muscles to assist you to reach maximum muscular relief without the need to start at crisis point each time you visit.

Maintenance Programs can be as simple as a few treatments within a short time frame to reach a deeper more functional state and so you maintain greater movement within your daily activities. Regular massage treatments can help maintain good health, assist with postural imbalance and poor daily ergonomics from sitting, driving, electronic use, etc. to compliment and enhance exercise programs and fitness.

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